Moonlight Syndrome


The project has begun. With special credit to iwakuraproductions for he will try to extract scripts for me, although I’m sure he’ll be a lot more eager to begin with a Silver Case translation. As for why I’m doing this? Because no one else ever thought to pick this project up. And the fanbase that doesn’t accept all this Suda mainstreaming is a small one with very few moonruners, including me. But just because I’m doing the MS translation doesn’t mean I’m one of the best. If you rate me on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d be a 6.5, and I feel that that’s too high a rating considering how very little I care for most Engrish translations, which leads me to rewording and even omitting some details that are otherwise unnecessary or self-explanatory.

In any case, I welcome you to my first Japanese-to-English translation of a videogame. 🙂

Q: Do you have any other videogames in mind after this?

Atm, yes. I’m not taking on big projects but ones I’d like to do out of pure self-interest. At least, for now. The second project will obviously be the infamous Silver Case, followed by SC 25 Ward (if it ever comes out!). Others involve any obscure videogame that’s too good not to translate, such as Twilight Syndrome. Basically, my to-do list consists of:

  • Moonlight Syndrome
  • Silver Case
  • Twilight Syndrome: DS

Small list, I know. We all have to start somewhere. But I’m also interested in a recent Type-Moon release, which is nothing like what I’ve gotten used to. However, another bunch of people are already in the process of translating that game. Yet, I’m given to understand that one of them is a notorious heretofore anonymous un-translator who is not only a–shudder–Google translator, but he is also one of my brethren, and he never second-guesses his translations. And he’s done some pretty fucked up things to that TM game’s text, so I’m just saving a spot for this game in case the translation team doesn’t follow through with the project.

With all this said, the fellows in the killer7 forum I’m sure have seen this now that I’ve linked it so let’s begin. 🙂

Welcome to the strange world of Suda51: The Early Years


1 thought on “Introductions!”

  1. Hello there! I’ve been wondering to help with translations on Suda’s games. I don’t know where CJ went, or he didn’t saw my message, so I’m free to help 🙂

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