Possible random things I find on the J-wiki that are interesting. (found in the Additional Info section)


  • Silver Case
  • Twilight Syndrome – Kinjirareta Toshi Densetsu


Please post below for anything you’d like to have translated.


6 thoughts on “About”

    1. Not at all! 🙂 cjiwakura wants to do the same. I think people would really like to get this game translated into English, considering its strong connections to the other KTP games. Your help would be more than appreciated ❤

  1. Hello there! *m* I’m so excited for your translations! I’m wondering though if you’ve ever come across translations for the very first Twilight Syndrome games (Something and Investigations)? I’m a huge fan of adventure games like these and thanks to its promotion from Dangan Ronpa 2, call me curious after hearing it’s from the same maker as the Clock Tower series.

    1. Hello! 🙂

      I haven’t played the first TS games yet, but I do know someone who has a copy of both games. I could just ask for them. ^^

      I mean to proceed to Silver Case after I’m done with MS. Then the DS version of Twilight Syndrome. It’ll be a relief to get away from the audio, really. LOL

      Thanks for taking the time to write your input. 🙂

      1. Whoa, it’d be sweet if the first two games got covered too. (Watching the graphics quality improve over time is a nice bonus.) I’m looking forward to all those, really! I’m honestly dying to know about the story of this whole universe. Best of luck and thanks so much for dedicating yourself to these!

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